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"Narrowly avoided being run over by a
cyclist", Dali, China

"Traditional Naxi concert", Lijiang, China

"Potala Palace!", Lhasa, Tibet

"Landcruiser ladies: Laura, Susana,
Marci", en route to Gyantse, Tibet

"Gyantse monastery & Kumbum",
Gyantse, Tibet

"Monks debating", Tashilhunpo
Monastery, Shigatse, Tibet

"Too big for the backpack! Monks
practising horn-playing", Sakya, Tibet

"Village on the Tibetan plateau", en
route to Pang-la pass, Tibet

"Made it to base camp - but where are
the tents?", Qomolangma (Everest)
Base Camp (Everest partially obscured
by cloud!), Tibet

"Even here they play pool - the Tibetan
national sport", Nam-Tso lake, Tibet

"Ubiquitous prayer flags", Nam-Tso lake,

"Even yaks have to bathe sometimes",
Nam-Tso lake, Tibet

"You looking at me, kid?", a 'Pika',
Nam-Tso lake (again), Tibet

"Boiling a kettle, Tibetan-style", Drepung
monastery, Lhasa, Tibet

"Colourful Tibet", Inside Loseling College,
Drepung monastery, Lhasa, Tibet

"Summer at the summer palace",
Norbulingka, Lhasa, Tibet

"Kung-fu? No - this is serious debating!",
Sera monastery, Lhasa, Tibet

Spinning the wheels, Sakya Monastery,

Anyone for Yak butter?, Lhasa, Tibet

Perched on a hill, Ganden Monastery,

Emerging through the prayer flags,
Ganden Monastery Kora, Tibet

Feeding the hundreds, preparing lunch
at Ganden Monastery, Tibet

Curious locals at sunrise, Friendship
Highway, Tibet

Wolf, Male & Susana, Friendship
Highway above the Tibetan Plateau,

Susana contemplating her next bowl
of muesli, Friendship Highway, Tibet

Chicken tonight?, Backpack of chickens
being transported along the Annapurna
circuit, Nepal

Ganja! Marijuana grows beside the
path along the Annapurna circuit, Nepal

Our sturdy backpacks resisted the
attacks of vicious beasts, Annapurna
circuit, Nepal

Annapurna II & Annapurna IV,
Annapurna circuit, near Pisang, Nepal

Bang on target! Ram Ji & Roger throw
stones into the river way below,
near Pisang, Annapurna circuit, Nepal

Manang village at the foot of Gangapurna
Glacier, Annapurna circuit, Nepal

Khangsar Khola flood plain, Tilicho Lake
trail, Nepal

Don't slip now..., Ram Ji & Susana,
Tilicho Lake trail, Nepal

Made it to 5000m, Tilicho Tal (lake),

5416m by foot! Such great views...,
Thorong-La pass, Annapurna Circuit,

Tibetan freight carrier (mule) in full
uniform, Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Susana negotiating the roadworks,
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

How do you want your steak? Skinning
a water buffalo by the side of the trail,
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Back-breaking work! Transport worker,
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

A balancing act, Annapurna Circuit,

Rice, rice and more rice - Nepali staple
food, Annapurna Circuit, Nepal